Ratan Tata Tweets “Welcome Back, Air India” After Tata Sons Wins Bid

Air India deal: Ratan Tata tweeted a picture of JRD Tata

New Delhi:

Tata Sons Honorary Chairman Ratan Tata tweeted an old photo of former company chairman JRD Tata getting down from an Air India plane today, minutes after Tata Sons regained control of the state-run airline – nearing its nationalisation. 70 years later.

Mr Tata tweeted, “The Tata Group winning the bid for Air India is great news! While it will take a lot of effort to rebuild Air India, it is expected to be a very strong market opportunity for the Tata Group’s presence in the aviation industry.” will provide.”

“On an emotional note, Air India under Mr. JRD Tata had, at one point in time, gained the reputation of being one of the most prestigious airlines in the world. Tata will have the opportunity to regain the image and prestige that it had He had enjoyed. In earlier years. Would have been very happy if Mr. JRD Tata was among us today,” Mr. Tata said in the statement, he tweeted.

“We also need to recognize and thank the government for its recent policy of opening up select industries to the private sector. Welcome, Air India!” The Honorary Chairman of Tata Sons tweeted.

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