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A study by Simon Fraser University on public perceptions of police officers wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) during the current epidemic suggests that most PPEs tend to impart positive perceptions of the police, while some devices, including full-face respirator masks , Can be viewed negatively. The research was published on 9 January Journal of experimental crime.

Led by SFU Criminology assistant professor Rolan Simpson and MA student Ryan Sandrin, the online experimental study drew on a sample of 117 participants living in North America. Participants were randomly assigned to read one of three fictional news articles that were either pro-PPE (highlighting) ), Neutral or anti-PPE (health benefits reduction). Participants were asked to rate 12 images of a similar male officer, dressed in combination with different types of PPE alone, or without any PPE.

The survey conducted by PPE included a surgical mask, an N95 mask, a full-face respirator mask, goggles, a And single-use medical gloves. Researchers note that some of these items are PPE (such as full-face respirators) , Face shields and gloves) have traditionally been associated with negative messages when used by police (including hostilities and militarization).

“seeing Medical devices that are traditionally medical devices are both novel and important for functionality and perception, says Simpson.

“Historically, we have seen police use full-face respirator masks and face shields during situations of public disorder, where tear gas and / or other chemical agents are stationed. Now, we police to respond to those devices Seeing where there are carriers of COIDID. 19 may be present, “he says.

Researchers found that perception has an effect on most types of PPE. For example, wearing either a face shield, Or N95 masks enhanced perceptions of officer accountability and professionalism.

Full-face respiratory masks had more mixed results. While study participants perceived the officer responsible for wearing a mask with full accountability and professionalism was high, some felt that it was more nervous. For participants reading the PPP article, using a full-face respirator mask also increases perceptions of aggression and reduces perceptions of predictability and friendliness.

The study authors note that the Vancouver Police Department has provided gloves and individually crafted respiratory masks to its officers and recommends their use whenever applicable. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also recommended that officers use eye protection, such as face shields and goggles, to protect themselves from the risk of the virus.

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more information:
Police use of personal protective equipment (PPE) during a public health crisis, Rylan Simpson et al: experimental testing of public performance, Journal of experimental crime (2021). DOI: 10.1007 / s11292-020-09451-W

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