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Seven-year-old boy from Kerala enters India Book of Records for identifying 120 MNCs within 4 minutes

By express news service

Kochi: Seven-year-old Noel Alexander from Kochi has entered the India Book of Records for recalling the countries of origin of 120 MNCs in just three minutes and 40 seconds after seeing their official logos. He also holds the title of Asia Book of Records for the same achievement. The class I student is also interested in monitoring the shares and market prices of these companies.

Noel who understands stock exchanges and mutual funds may seem incredulous. But he has always shown a special interest in these subjects. “When I discuss them with my clients, they learn business terminology,” said Noel’s father, Cebu Alexandre. “He would take names of multinational companies and ask for more information about them. When he was six years old, we saw that he had a special talent.” Sibu and Sheena, Noel’s parents, support his education about the various companies and famous personalities, and how they affect society and the economy. We do.

“We encourage him and assist him in various extra-curricular activities. As part of that, we thought of applying for a place in the India Book of Records and are happy that they have secured it,” Sheena said.
Noel’s interest in trading and learning about the stock markets has kept his parents on their toes.
“Because of his skepticism, we make sure we do proper research. There are many instances where he used to remind me about stop-loss (an advance order to sell an asset when a particular price point is reached),” Sibu chuckled.

Noel also knows about cryptocurrencies and trades, mutual funds and stock exchanges. Now his focus is on knowing more about Nifty and Sensex. Apart from learning these adult things, he is also fond of singing and watching cricket, which is his favorite sport.

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