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Some shook New Hampshire, what caused the boom is a mystery

A mysterious surge on Sunday morning shocked New Hampshire and at least one nearby state, with homes rattling, pet scaring and several hundred amateur investigators going online to try to figure out why. What could possibly be the cause of all the uproar.

The source of the surge has confused residents, many of whom have speculated that it may have been an earthquake.

But an official at the National Earthquake Information Center, which is part of the US Geological Survey, said none of the agency’s stations had found any evidence of the earthquake. England during the last seven days.

Some residents wondered whether a meteorite or plane might be behind the mystery, which generated some complaints in Massachusetts next door.

Dan Bryan said he was at home in New Boston, New Hampshire, about 20 miles northwest of Nashua, New Hampshire, sipping kombucha and playing a video game with his wife. When they heard what they thought was a big explosion.

“There was a kind of boom that shattered our whole house,” Brian said on Sunday. “It was like an audible boom to it. It was so weird. So everyone thought it was like an explosion at first.”

Brian, 38, a technical writer, said he feared something was wrong with his roof and ran to his driveway. There was no damage to the house, but the couple’s dogs were “just confused,” he said.

He said he immediately went online to find the answer. “Nobody has anything,” he said.

In the home camera footage shared by Brian, a series of muffled rumbles can be heard. “It was not good,” he says before stepping outside to observe what happened, according to the footage.

Dan Macdonald, the fire chief in New Boston, said he was at home when he heard what sounded “like a loud explosion” and felt a “mild tremor” in the house.

“You couldn’t miss it,” he said.

The fire department immediately started receiving calls from residents asking about the boom. McDonald said he’s still not sure.

“Luckily, I went to church this morning,” he said. “So I felt ready.”

Dylan Mei, a dispatcher with the police department in Winchendon, Massachusetts, said three city residents called to report that “the ground was shaking.” WCVB-TV reported that several residents emailed the station to share stories of hearing the loud boom and feeling the ground vibrate.

Don Blakeman, a geophysicist with the US Geological Survey, said on Sunday that the NEIC did not detect any seismic activity in the area on Sunday. But it cannot be completely ruled out that there must have been a minor earthquake, he said.

Jessica Turner, a geophysicist at the US Geological Survey, said that New Hampshire is often prone to small earthquakes. The last time a magnitude 1.7 earthquake was recorded was on August 22 in an area south of Rochester, Turner said.

Paul D., a strategic communications administrator at the New Hampshire Department of Safety. Raymond Jr. said in an email on Sunday that the agency had seen people commenting about the noise online.

He said the statewide 911 center received only one call in Lindeboro, New Hampshire at about 11:30 a.m. reporting a major surge, and the state police dispatch center received no calls. Raymond reported that more than 400 people had shared their observations on, a website where people can report earthquake-like activity.

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Brian, who discussed his experience on Twitter, explained that his home is near the New Boston Space Force Station, a satellite tracking station that was recently transferred from the Air Force to the Space Force.

US Space Force officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Sunday.

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