Spain to evacuate more Afghan workers, families left behind

By The Associated Press

Madrid: Spanish authorities said on Sunday that the country has launched a new evacuation operation to evacuate more Afghans and their families left behind after the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Spain’s Defense Ministry confirmed to The Associated Press media reports that it is working with the Foreign Ministry on a new evacuation mission.

The ministry said it would not give any further details as to the security of the mission, but Spanish news agency EFE reported that the plan was to evacuate about 200 people through Pakistan.

Spain’s Foreign Affairs Minister Jose Albers visited both Pakistan and Qatar last month and asked for their assistance in evacuating more Afghan workers who were not included in the first airlift from Kabul.

Spain successfully evacuated some 2,200 people – Spaniards and Afghans – in the grueling days following the Taliban takeover in August.

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