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Spanish volcano erupts after crater collapse

More earthquake tremors were felt in Spain’s La Palma island on Monday lava After the crater collapsed, the erupted volcano increased the flow.

Officials said they did not expect any more people to be evacuated from the area, as the molten rock of the fire was headed to the sea in the same way it had flown before.

Spain’s National Geographical Institute said it recorded two earthquakes early Monday, measuring more than 3.0, two weeks after the volcano struck one of the Canary Islands off northwest Africa.

“It’s not over yet, we don’t even know how long to go,” Angel Victor Torres, regional president of the Canary Islands, told the public broadcaster. RTVE. “We are in the hands of nature.”

Most of La Palma, where about 85,000 people live, has been unaffected by the eruption. The quick evacuation helped avoid casualties from the explosion.

But the lava is causing considerable damage to property, public infrastructure and agricultural land. According to a European Union satellite monitoring agency, it has so far partially or completely ruined more than 1,000 buildings, most of them houses, destroyed about 34 kilometers of roads and destroyed 400 hectares (1,000 acres). ) has entered the land.

Local officials prepared to distribute drinking water to homes after a lava flow broke public supply pipes.

The Canary Islands Volcano Emergency Committee ordered emergency workers and scientists to withdraw from the volcano’s vicinity due to poor air quality. The seismic activity and flow of lava has been uneven, fluctuating from day to day.

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