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Sunday Horoscope: How will the fasting be for each zodiac sign during the festive season?

festive season Navratri is here. dedicated to the nine forms of Goddess DurgaIn nine days, many people fast for the whole day. How will this fasting help you? Here is our guide from Tarot Card Reader and Guidance Counselor Jeevika Sharma, which lists below how fasting can help for each zodiac sign this Navratri.


Fasting May bring some unexpected results for you. Make sure you keep your mind and thoughts positive to get the full benefits of your fast.


If you choose to fast during this season, you will have a lot of energy that will allow you to make decisions or take control of the situations around you. You will have more power and feel more confident.


If you choose to fast, it can help you remove all the obstacles from your life that you have been facing for some time now. Everything in your life will see a smooth transition. There will be growth in both your professional and personal life.


if you choose Fast In this festive season, it can help to clear all the confusion going on in your mind. You need a clear mind to lead you on the right track.


Keeping fast in this season brings luck. All your relationships will also be more meaningful. You will also be able to implement the decisions you are sitting on.

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Gemini, fasting in this season may bring you some luck in the form of financial benefits. You will get some help and some good advice that can advance your goals.


Fasting in this season can help you resolve conflicts that have been going on for some years. The problems you are facing will immediately go away for good.


If you choose this fast then you will gain money festive season. The benefits you will get will be related to your professional life. You could say it was destined to be yours.


Keeping fast in this season will remove all the problems going on in your life. There is a possibility of a new beginning for you too. It will be a fresh start where there will be no hurdles or problems.


Fasting in this season will help you achieve some balance in your life. This balance will be mainly between your personal and professional life. You will be able to balance your personal life and your career, but only if you are a little patient.


By observing the fast of this season, the people of Scorpio zodiac become free from the emotional trap. They’ve been feeling pretty tied up emotionally lately. If you choose to fast, you will be able to understand your condition better and be able to make an escape plan.


Fasting will help Sagittarius to see the dark side of every situation and those around them. Also, they will be free from any emotional issues due to which they were not able to take proper decisions in the past.

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