Super 30’s Anand Kumar joins hands with online Japanese initiative to redefine school education


Tokyo: Super 30 founder and mathematician Anand Kumar has joined hands with an online Japanese initiative that aims to redefine schooling with special classes for students.

According to a press statement, I Am Beside You, a Japanese company founded last year, aims to take Kumar’s teaching skills to millions of students globally following his popularity in Japan.

The company enables online communication tailored to each individual’s personality and is joined by the best learning minds around the world with the aim of making the entire society a borderless school and fulfilling each individual as a unique and irreplaceable individual. said.

“She has been selected for her unique initiative of reaching out to lakhs of students. It is a project that symbolizes Japan-India collaboration in the Corona era, in which two Japanese startups collaborate with world-renowned teacher Anand Kumar,” said Wataru Kamiya, President of ‘I’m Next to You’.

“In addition, we have ranked India as the most important base for global service development, and will continue to take on the challenge of providing services to 1.4 billion people in India. This is an important collaboration with Anand Kumar,” he said in the statement.

He said the larger objective of ‘Main Tumhare Bagal Ke Hoon’ is to “build the society as a school”. Unprecedented success rate. Students from disadvantaged sections appear for India’s highly competitive IIT entrance exam.

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