Supreme Sikh Council UK condemns killing of five civilians by terrorists in J&K

New Delhi: The Supreme Sikh Council UK condemned the killing of a Sikh doctor in Pakistan’s Peshawar last week and five targeted killings of civilians by terrorists including a female Sikh headmaster, prominent Hindu pharmacist and a Hindu male teacher with intent to create fear. done from. And there is panic among the minority community of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Supreme Sikh Council United Kingdom said in a statement, “We have disturbing reports of Taliban entering a Gurdwara Sahib in Kabul, destroying CCTV cameras, threatening sangat and even arresting some members of the community. “

A statement issued by the council said it was concerned by the continuing reports of harassment minority community in pakistan including kidnapping, rape, forced conversion and marriage of girls from Sikh and Hindu communities in Pakistan. “Such killings and targeted persecution are designed to create fear and to be ethnically pure as happened during partition and partition. “We call on the Government of Pakistan to uphold the rights of minorities in Afghanistan to protect the rights of minorities in Pakistan and to exercise their influence over the Taliban regime in Afghanistan,” the council said.

Adding to the statement, the Sikh Council asked the government of Pakistan to control extremist groups operating from Pakistan targeting the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and hold those responsible for it. Dozens of civilians killed every year in Jammu and Kashmir And urge the Government of India to do more to protect the lives of minorities in J&K who are being brutally killed and driven away from their own homes. These are the ancestral homeland of people of different religions including Sikhs and Hindus and we all need to coexist peacefully. The world is changing and the idea of ​​a single faith land no longer fits the ethos of the modern world where diversity is celebrated and pluralism is welcomed, the statement said.

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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