Sydney open for vaccination after more than 100 days of lockdown

Canberra: Sydney’s hairdressers, gyms, cafes and bars reopened on Monday to fully vaccinated customers for the first time in more than 100 days after achieving vaccination benchmarks in Australia’s largest city.

Sydney plans to reopen on Monday after 70 percent of New South Wales state’s population aged 16 and older were fully vaccinated.

As of Monday, 73.5 percent of the target population had been fully vaccinated and more than 90 percent had received at least one dose.

Some businesses opened at midnight due to the demand of impatient people to enjoy their freedom.

More pandemic restrictions will be lifted at the 80 percent benchmark, and New South Wales residents will be free to travel abroad for the first time since March last year.

New South Wales reported 496 new infections and eight COVID-19 deaths in the latest 24-hour period.

As Sydney residents return to work and become more mobile, infection rates will rise.

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrot said the infection rate and number COVID-19 patients Hospitalizations were lower than the modeling predicted.

“So it’s positive and gives hope and confidence as we open up in a measured way. We’re in a very good position to keep people safe,” Perrott said.

“There are still restrictions. It’s not free for everyone. It’s opening up in a measured way and if everyone can take care of each other and respect each other, we can get people back to work, we can open businesses, as well as people. can also be kept safe,” he said.

While Sydney infections have been declining in recent weeks, they have yet to peak in Melbourne, Australia’s second most populous city.

The state of Victoria, which includes Melbourne, reported 1,612 new infections and eight deaths on Monday.

Sydney’s lockdown began on 26 June and the delta version of the outbreak spread from Sydney to Melbourne, which has been closed since 5 August, and the national capital, Canberra, which has been closed since 12 August.

most of the rest Australia largely free of COVID-19However, officials have warned that the delta cannot be excluded from any state or territory.

The Australian Capital Territory, which includes Canberra and two villages, and New South Wales are the only parts of the country to have achieved the 70 percent benchmark. Canberra will ease pandemic restrictions on Friday. More than 95 percent of the target population has received at least one dose and 72 percent are fully vaccinated.

Victoria lags a week or two behind. In Victoria, 85.5 percent have received at least one vaccine dose and 58.6 percent have been fully vaccinated.

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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