Taliban captures more territory in Afghanistan, kills civilians and attacks women

Kabul: In the last few days, there has been a lot of devastation in the Taliban-held areas in Afghanistan. There have been reports of the killing of civilians and security personnel on duty by Taliban forces, as well as bombings of homes and attacks on women.

The Taliban continues to occupy new territories and subsequently imposes a regime that intends to take Afghanistan back to the old days under their rule, implying the existence of human values ​​and even small Punishment of death for offenses or violation of rules.

Federico Giuliani, writing in Inside Over, an Italian newspaper, said that Taliban terrorists are trying Recently to impose harsh and repressive rules based on Sharia laws in the territory they have occupied. The new fatwas (orders) issued by him forbid women from leaving their homes without male companions while forcing men to grow beards.

“They have also come up with dowry rules for girls,” said Merajuddin Sharifi, a social activist. In a statement, he urged women not to leave home without a male relative. The Taliban insists on trial without evidence. ” There are more restrictions on women.

Now, they cannot ride a taxi and are always covered in a burqa. reviving old memories Taliban bans production and the distribution of music or any audio-visual entertainment. Women are badly affected by the brutality of the Taliban.

They are being beaten up in public and even murdered. Innocent Afghan women, says Giuliani, are being forced into “jihad al-nikah”, in which daughters and wives are forcibly sent to terrorists.

Former US President George W Bush has expressed fears that Afghan women and girls are going to “suffer unspeakable losses”. This prompted him to question the decision to pull out the troops, which led to Taliban militants engulfing the war-torn country.

“I think the results are going to be incredibly bad,” he said. In addition, several videos of atrocities by Taliban militants are going viral that also show distressed Afghans seeking global help, Giuliani says.

Attacks on civilians by Taliban have been caused Hundreds of innocent deaths people including children. More than 900,000 people are reported to have been displaced in the past three months after the Taliban launched attacks on civilian areas, InsideOver reports.

Mohammad Nazar, a resident of Tzarigh village in Balkh’s Kaldar district in northern Afghanistan, said the Taliban was helped by foreign terrorists from Pakistan when homes in his village were destroyed. “Here was our house. The Taliban, who are slaves of Pakistan, came here and destroyed our homes, they set up mines here,” he told the media.

Afghanistan independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has reported that 2,957 civilian casualties were reported in the first six months of 2021, of which 1,213 were deaths. The Taliban was responsible for 48.5 percent of these civilian casualties.

Now, Britain and the US have accused the Taliban of ‘killing civilians’ in possible ‘war crimes’ in Spin Boldak, southern Afghanistan. Insideover reports that the Taliban pulled 900 people out of their homes and shot and killed them.

The US and UK embassies said, “The Taliban leadership must be held accountable for the crimes of their fighters. The Taliban killed dozens of civilians in revenge. These killings could be war crimes.” NS Taliban capture Takhar provinceCapital taluk city on Sunday (August 9) amid the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Tolo News tweeted: “Key areas of the city of Talukan, the capital of Takhar province, including the central roundabout, today came under Taliban control.” This happened after the militant group captured the police headquarters, the governor’s compound and the prison in Kunduz, the Afghan provincial capital.

Earlier, the Taliban had captured Sheberghan, the capital of Javazan province, and Zaranj, the capital of Nimroj province.

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