Taliban changed the symbol of Women’s Ministry, stir

Kabul: The Taliban on Saturday (September 18) replaced the sign at the entrance of the building of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs with the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Evil.

As NHK World reports, the first caretaker cabinet announcement by the Taliban did not include the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, which operated during the former government after taking control of the capital in mid-August.

new sign at the entrance of building in central Kabuli Holds a verse from the Qur’an in a style similar to the flag of the Taliban. He has not issued any statement about the replacement of the sign.

New developments have come after the Taliban have repeatedly said that women have the right to education, work. However, recently some caretaker cabinet officials have said that women cannot work in tandem with men.

Employees working in the women’s ministry were not allowed to enter the building and they protested. According to a Tolo News report, 90 per cent of the employees of the ministry during the previous government were women.

The Taliban also said that they would restore the “Vice President and the Ministry of Virtue”, which was known for suppression of women’s rights During the previous period of the Taliban regime two decades ago, NHK World reports. The move is raising concerns that women’s rights will be restricted again.

Meanwhile, several women’s rights activists said the removal of the women’s ministry was against the Taliban’s commitment to women’s right to work, Tolo News reported.

“The direct deprivation of women and girls from education and work means that the Taliban will in no way tolerate women and their presence,” said former MP Shuka Barakzai.

“Limiting and marginalizing the rights of Afghan women doesn’t really lead to a new Afghanistan with a better position,” said Maryam Maroof Arwin, a women’s rights activist.

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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