Taliban orders hundreds of displaced families to leave Kabul


Kabul: Hundreds of displaced families living in Kabul have now been ordered to return to their homes amid nationwide fighting ahead of the Taliban takeover in August.

“This process started today and will continue, thus all (displaced) families in Kabul will go back to their provinces,” the Taliban-led government’s deputy minister for refugees and repatriation said, TOLOnews reported.

The Taliban said more than 2,000 families had been displaced and were living in Kabul.

With the help of donor organizations, work is being done to evacuate the displaced families.

Miharuddin, a resident of Baglan, is struggling to get help due to his disability.

As Tolonnews reports, “I haven’t received any help. The little help that is provided is taken by the able-bodied.”

Abdul Basir, a resident of Kunduz, said, ‘Our demand is that people should be removed immediately, people have become ill, it has been more than a month since we came here.

Hundreds of displaced families in Kabul are living in tents or in open areas and the situation is getting dire as winter approaches.

The World Food Program (WFP) said the country was facing dire economic conditions and warned of an economic crisis in the coming weeks.

Mary-Ellen McGorty, WFP representative and country director for Afghanistan, said, “The economy here in Afghanistan is on the verge of collapse. There’s a cash crunch. Banks closed their doors, but they’re open now. You can just pull out.” $200. Savings are inaccessible to those who have little money in the bank. The Afghan currency has depreciated significantly,” TOLOnews reported.

Various donor organizations and countries have provided humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in the form of aid, but still, a large number of people are out of reach of this aid and need support.

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