Biden placed executive order after semiconductor crunch

Ford cuts production of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck in Dearborn, Michigan due to lack of semiconductor

Ford has begun production of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck in Dearborn, Michigan due to a lack of semiconductor

A White House spokesman said Thursday that the Biden administration is assessing immediate steps to address the semiconductor shortage and is planning an executive order to shore up key supply chain commodities.

“Administration is currently identifying potential choke points And is actively working with key stakeholders in the industry and with us To do more now, ”White House spokesman Jane Saki said in a daily briefing.

Psaki said the lack of semiconductor supply is also an impetus for an executive order to “conduct a comprehensive review of supply chains for critical goods” that can guide both short-term and long-term actions.

“The review will focus on identifying the actions we can take, ranging from improving the naveenbharatical production of those goods in the US to working with allies, developing a coordinated response to weaknesses and barriers that American Are harming workers, ”Psaki said.

Automakers have been particularly hard hit by the supply shortage for semiconductors, in part from external demand for personal electronics during the epidemic.

In the past week, both Ford and General Motors have been among the carmakers, indicating an estimated 2021 earnings of at least $ 1 billion due to the car’s output.

GM has temporarily closed three plants through mid-March, while Ford said it was ramping up production of its top-selling F-150 truck.

GM chief executive Mary Bara said the company was changing its production plans on Wednesday as it tried to track more chips. Company options include capturing some mostly completed vehicles and shipping them to dealers until semiconductors can be installed

The Semiconductor Industry Association on Thursday called for Biden to include “enough money” Manufacturing and Research in Administration And infrastructure planning.

The supply shortage on semiconductors has also raised questions about the adequacy of other important items, such as electric battery cells, which will be required by US automakers and the Biden administration to enable electric auto production to be postponed.

Ford accelerates auto rickshaw, digitization

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