Facebook seeing signs of future violence tied to US presidential elections

A spokesman for the company told Reuters that since the siege of the Capitol last week, Facebook has seen an increase in signs, looking at possible signs of violence linked to efforts related to the outcome of the US presidential election.

The spokesman, who asked not to be named for security reasons, said late on Tuesday Storm of american capitol By armed supportLike The protesters appeared as a galvanizing event, attempting to hold gatherings around the country for several dates around the presidential election. Joe Biden’s Inauguration on 20 January

Signal Facebook He added that digital travelers promoting the events included, some of them featuring weapons or militias or insignia of hate groups.

The FBI has warned of armed protests in Washington and capitals of all 50 US states for the inauguration. A Facebook spokesman said the pace of the company’s information exchange with law enforcement officials had increased since the Capitol protest.

The FBI and Biden’s inaugural team did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the Facebook report.

According to researchers and public postings, violent rhetoric on the online platform had already ended before last week’s unrest, as right-wing groups openly openly planned an attack in public view.

Lawmakers were forced to flee as Trump’s loyalists, white nationalist groups and security forces looted the Capitol by militants. Five people were killed in the violence, including a Capitol police officer who was thrashed by the mob.

After the unrest, tech companies took unprecedented steps to crack down on unfounded claims of electoral fraud, including calls for violence. Twitter And facebook Blocked While Trump’s account Amazon Web Services And major mobile app stores cut off Social media network Parlar.

On Monday, Facebook banned content promoting the phrase “prevent theft”, which is a rally crying over armed pro-Trump chests. The spokesperson said the company is also blocking searches from “Hurricane the Capital” and the Flagging Post, which include those phrases for further review.

Under pressure from civil rights groups, Alphabet’s Youtube Trump’s channel suspended for seven days

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