Microsoft removes rivals from the CES marquee as the show goes online

Microsoft removes rivals from the CES marquee as the show goes online

This April 12, 2016 file photo shows the Microsoft logo in Isse-les-Moulino, outside Paris, France. Microsoft on Monday took five hours to resolve a major outage of its workplace applications, but did not clarify what was causing the outage. The company said the outage, which affected users’ ability to enter Office 365 applications, began Monday evening at Eastern Time. Microsoft did not answer questions on Tuesday, September 29, 2020, which was the cause of the outage, but said on its service-status Twitter account that it had identified a “recent change” that caused the problems. (AP Photo / Michelle Euler, File)

This week, Microsoft had a big test in its hands – how to help turn the world’s largest gadget show into an online-only event.

Microsoft’s choice to power this year’s CES and create a virtual showcase for its 1,800 exhibitors gave the tech giant a big promotional boost over its most famous cloud computing rivals, Amazon and Google.

But it also mitigated the reputational risks, as the organizers of this week’s event tried to work together with a troop of web content, and mostly in this way the panel discussions were at least partially flamboyant, high- Attended the Energy Conference, which takes on the Las Vegas Strip each January.

At times, this year’s virtual CES was difficult to show off, a live event.

Panel director and venture capitalist Rajeev Chand said, “We are recording people in December, do not tell that after his comment a Twitter executive jokingly said that his debate on user privacy aired on Tuesday was almost Was taped over a month ago.

The Consumer Technology Association, the trade group that runs the CES, said it made a final decision in July that its major event would be virtual, then a bid would be requested and more than 40 would be evaluated. Before Microsoft announced its choice in October. The tech company already had some experience hosting large events of its own during the epidemic, including last year’s Bild and Ignite conferences, each with about 200,000 participants.

But Microsoft’s marquee involvement at CES is a change from recent years when Google and Amazon dominated the annual Las Vegas conference with ubiquitous marketing and great performance – even a theme park-style ride – as they did Competed against each other to showcase their digital voice assistants.

Microsoft, by contrast, has kept a low profile as it shifted from a consumer-focused business focused on selling its software and services to large organizations.

“As a partner, Microsoft can influence companies that see themselves as competitors, I’m not sure,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the CTA.

Neither Google nor Amazon have said if they sought to win a contract to run this year’s Digital CES, but the two companies were mostly out of the show this year and showing their latest wares elsewhere.

“We talked to all the major tech companies,” said Jean Foster, CTA’s senior vice president of marketing and communications. “Many of these companies were taking over the naveenbharatical world and putting it online. They had avatars roaming a virtual show floor. It’s not consistent with what we’re doing right now.”

The event also required a cloud computing provider that could handle a large volume of attendees from around the world. And attendees should be able to create a system to register, bill and authenticate.

“we needed And security, so obviously it is built into the Microsoft brand, ”said Foster.

But the job required Microsoft to complete some of the work it did for its own event — namely, to recreate or transform the vast display experience of gadgets and technology.

Microsoft executive officer, Bob Bejan, said, “How can we bring together a large group of exhibitors and show what they have to say and their value proposition in a way that the expo is not.” CES Project. “Because you can’t translate this stuff. You have to recreate this medium.”

Anchoring at Microsoft’s production studio in Redmond, Washington, the event is designed to transform a niche directory of exhibitors into an interactive digital experience using a mix of video, audio and chat. This is a test for Microsoft products such as Teams, the workplace communications app that the company is trying to provide the necessary service for workplaces during the epidemic.

Conference attendees can send messages to each other – none of them more than 250 – and use the teams for virtual meet-and-greet sessions, which Bejan said “expo or hotel. Digital parallel bars similar to what “would do in the lobby”. “

Even as the epidemic spreads, Bezan said that Microsoft is poised for a future in which it hopes the digital experience will remain an important component of conferences and other live events.

Major CES gadget turns into show tech for virtual salvation

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