Use Telegram QR Code to invite people to group chat, new beta feature to be launched soon

The popular messaging platform Telegram has been made to work with some features such as widgets, QR code support for group chats, and options for reporting content. Currently, the new features are in beta stage and will soon be ready to use for all their users.

As seen by TestCatalog, Telegram’s beta version 7.5 includes new features, including support for QR codes that can be used to invite people to group chats and channels as well. The messaging app is also testing a way to limit group chat invite links. Admins will have the option to allow people to use the link for a specific time period or until the group member limit is reached.

Meanwhile, another feature in the test is for a group chat administrator to set a custom timer for messages to Auto Chat.

In addition, Telegram is also adding the option for users to report spam, violence, child abuse, pornography or “other” related content on the app. Telegram can be posted multiple times at a time.

On this beta update, there will also be a new widget that includes two sizes where one is a smaller 2×2 widget, and a larger 5852. The small widget shows four thumbnails with unread messages, and the larger one shows previews of your chats and channels. Telegram can allow select members to chat across channels and support commenting.


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