Telegram, Signal users surge amid global outages for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are all facing global outages. These platforms have been inactive since around 9.30 pm. Due to the shutdown of the service, users are facing many problems. WhatsApp users are not able to send messages. While new Facebook and Instagram posts are not being refreshed.

Not only are these platforms’ apps unavailable, but their websites are also available. This means that users are not able to access these platforms in any way. A service provided by Facebook’s virtual reality division Oculus has also stalled. So far no statement has been issued by the company on this also.

It is believed that these platforms have been down due to DNS problem. There is a buffering effect when opening Facebook and a ‘Could not refresh feed’ message appears when refreshed on Instagram. The hashtags #InstagramDown, #FacebookDown and #WhatsAppDown are trending on Twitter. This has also been confirmed by Down Detector, which monitors the Down website. According to the website, thousands of crash reports have been filed. ALSO READ: WhatsApp, Instagram suffer global outage, users unable to send messages

When WhatsApp is down, users switch to instant messaging apps Telegram and Signal. After the WhatsApp privacy controversy, these two apps gained the most traction. After the downfall of WhatsApp, these apps became quite popular. People on Twitter are giving different reactions to this. Server down hashtag is currently trending on Twitter. For this, many users are also making fun of Facebook. The company has not disclosed how long it will take to resolve the issue.

By Naveen Bharat Staff



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