The Bihar-born doctor made a splash in the Nigerian film industry as a producer and actor

Naveen Bharat Editorial

NEW DELHI: As it is said that talent knows no barriers, a Bihar-born doctor has started making a splash in the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) with his acting. He is a skilled pediatrician based in Dubai, Dr Arvind Kumar Choudhary, who is making a splash in Afro-US films through his two productions and acting, which hit the silver screens in Ghana (Africa) on 9 and 10 October. ready to be. .

Born in Darbhanga district of Bihar, Dr. Choudhary graduated in MBBS from the prestigious Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) in 2001 and then left for Dubai in 2017 to complete his medical practices after working in India, Where is working at Aster Clinic in International. City, Dubai.

He is also a member of the prestigious IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics, India), NNP (National Neonatology Forum, India) and EAP (European Academy of Pediatrics in Switzerland).

According to Chowdhary, he was passionate about acting and filmmaking since his school days and from this he received formal training in acting and filmmaking in 2020 and 2021 during the attacks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Impressed by my acting and excellent screenplay of subjects on current and contemporary issues, I was offered roles on various platforms in India and abroad,” he said, adding that his two films were ‘Ogbojo’ and ‘Across the Border’. are named. It will release in Ghana, Africa on October 9 and 10.

Speaking about the theme of ‘Across the Border’, Dr said that his co-director Destiny Austin Omone, whom he met while attending classes for filmmaking during the COVID-19 time, had met in May this year. Told around this topic.

The film depicts the pain and suffering of five girls who were rescued from Takwa (Ghana) and brought to work as prostitutes. The film is co-directed by Destiny Austin Omone along with Dr Arvind Kumar Choudhary.

Dr Aravind Choudhary plays the role of ‘Mr Mumbai’ in the film ‘Across the Border’, along with other actors from Nollywood (Nigerian film industry) as well as two actors from Europe, Patrick Lende of UK and Fleming Bill of Denmark Federboel.

Dr Choudhary said the film was shot in Africa and the United States during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic times. “The release got delayed because, due to COVID, all the cinema houses were closed and people were very affected by the pandemic,” he said.

Regarding ‘Ogbojo’ (The Taboo Kingdon), which is scheduled to release on October 10 this year, he said that the film was shot in 2020 in Ghana and the Volte region of Arizona USA, with the likes of Legendary Emmanuel France, AMA was an artist. Kay Abrebis, Roslyn Ngisa, Bismarck Nii Odoi, Nana Ya Agyare, Peter Richie, Don Kay Yamoa and many others, Kristen Adele, an American actress in special appearances. He said, “The story of the film is based on female genital mutilation and other African taboos. The release of both these films – ‘Ogbojo’ and ‘Across the Border’ will give a new sensation to the film watchers.”

Through the films, he claimed to raise two important issues prevalent in Ghana – first female genital mutilation and second the pain and suffering of victims of human trafficking. “I have ambitions to act and produce in other international and Bollywood films,” he added.

He added, “In addition to practicing as a specialist pediatrician in Dubai during the lockdown, I attended online film directing classes to hone my skills, during which I met Destiny Austin Omone and further our collaborations. worked.”

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