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‘The sinister charmed me’: Brazilian tattoo artist looks like the devil

Brazil tattoo Artist Michele Faro Prado has taken body modification to a whole new level by transforming himself into the devil.

Prado, better known on social media as Diablo Prado or Devil Prado, created his own hand imitation of a claw-like hand by tattooing over 80% of his body, reducing the size of his nose and removing one of his ring fingers. Appearance changed. They also have sharpened fangs and implanted horns. “Turning into the devil was not something I had planned, it was not my idea,” Prado said. “Crazy attracted me.”

Once homeless and addicted to drugs, the 46-year-old tattoo artist said those tough years helped make her a better person who is constantly working towards self-knowledge. Despite his sinister image, Prado says he has a good Heart.

Artist couple walk on beach as people watch. (source: Reuters)

His wife, 36-year-old Carol Prado, better known as the Demon Woman, also altered her body to fit the image. The So Paulo-based couple has seen their most extreme modifications during the past five years.

Even though she has faced prejudice and hatred, Prado has learned not to care about what others think of her. “What I want is something different from the established pattern of society,” he said. “I get so much love, so much love that this (bias) has become so small.”

(Reporting by Pablo Leite García; Writing by Nina Lopez; Editing by Diane Craft)

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