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“They Are Being Killed”: Sachin Pilot Slams Center On Farmers’ Issues

Sachin Pilot expressed hope that the power crisis arising out of the shortage of coal will be resolved soon


Former Rajasthan Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot today said that farmers have been agitating against the Centre’s agriculture laws for months and they are being killed under the BJP rule.

The Congress leader said that the previous UPA government had made laws like MNREGA and RTI, but the current government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought agriculture laws, which farmers are opposing.

“Our government had made laws for Dalits, women and the unemployed. But which laws are being made now? Three agricultural laws were enacted, but who will benefit from them,” he said.

Addressing a function in Tonk, Mr Pilot said that agriculture is a big business but farmers do not do business, they just grow crops and sell the produce in the mandis.

“Imagine what would happen if the control of this business went into the hands of five-six businessmen,” he said.

“So many farmers are on the road. They are being killed. It is very sad. When violence is encouraged and the guilty are protected, how will there be justice? When the responsible people in high positions do not resign, how can a fair investigation be done? Might be possible.” He asked.

Talking about the “Prasanshan Shahar Ke Sang” and “Prashasan Gaon Ke Sang” campaigns launched by the Rajasthan Government, Mr. Pilot said that people are benefiting from this.

He also asked people to participate in the campaign in large numbers.

“Our government and party have left no stone unturned in policy formulation. Now the focus is on how these are implemented and how your participation is ensured in it,” he said at Arniamal gram panchayat in Tonk.

Later speaking to reporters, Mr Pilot expressed hope that the power crisis due to shortage of coal would be resolved soon.

He said that despite being alerted by the state government, the central government was not cooperating on this issue.

Shri Pilot also visited Mehandwas Gram Panchayat and interacted with the people.

(Except for the title, this story has not been edited by NB staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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