TNIE Webinar | ‘Novices should put skills on CVs that prove they can get the job done’

By Naveen Bharat Editorial

Want to work abroad and wondering what is the best job that will land you there? Steve Hoover, thriving executive director of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), said, “There is a high demand for cyber jobs in the United States and there is a significant shortfall in the supply of talent. There are 500,000 job openings posted by US employers.”

He was discussing the importance of technological demands and the need for upskilling with PB Kotoor, Head of Wipro’s Global Talent Engagement Program, PB Kotur, Qualcomm India’s Machine Learning Head, Madhusudanan K, and Dr. V Raju, Provost, Sri Ramachandra Engineering & Technology . It was a webinar organized by The Naveen Bharat and Srihar.

Dr Raju said that SHIHER’s engineering model is based on the engineering curriculum of RIT, where Hoover teaches. Dr Raju said, “RIT has a unique aspect where students work in industry for a full year after two years of their engineering course.”

PB Kotur said that freshers need to put a skill on their CV which very clearly demonstrates their ability to get the job done. Madhusudan K said innovation is going to be a challenge for the IT industry. “Most innovation happens through networking and collaboration, through informal and formal meetings. But the in-person connection is missing due to the pandemic,” Madhusudan said.

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