“CD and Blackmail,” BJP leaders accuse Karnataka cabinet expansion row

'CD and blackmail,' BJP leaders accuse Karnataka cabinet expansion row

This is the third cabinet reshuffle since BS Yeddyurappa assumed power after the fall of the Congress-JDS


In Karnataka’s ruling BJP, there has been a fight between several leaders over the cabinet expansion seen to give Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa a huge support for his camp.

Facing public attacks from the people of his party, Mr. Yeddyurappa challenged him to make his complaint with the party leadership.

“If the BJP MLAs have any objection, they can go to Delhi, meet our national leaders and give them all the information and complaints. I will have no objection to this, but I will speak ill of them and the party’s reputation I don’t want to harm you. ” The Chief Minister told reporters in Bengaluru.

He said that the central BJP leaders would consider their complaints.

Some BJP leaders have openly alleged that the Chief Minister has included only those in his 17-month-old cabinet who “blackmailed” him or were within his inner circle.

Senior BJP leader Basangowda R. Patil

“Loyalty, caste, seniority, territory were not considered, which were considered CDs and blackmail. Yeddyurappa completely ignored the party’s loyal workers like us and those who blackmailed him, he gave a CD. And plan to bring down his government., “He created a ruckus.

Mr. Patil is among a dozen BJP leaders who are being encouraged to join the cabinet and are not backing down.

Other dissidents are H Vishwanath, MP Kumaraswamy, Satish Reddy, Shivangowda Nayak, Thippareddy and even Renukacharya, a close MP of Sri Yeddyurappa.


Seven new ministers joined the Yeddyurappa cabinet yesterday – MTB Nagaraj, Umesh Katti, Arvind Limbavali, Murugesh Nirani, R Shankar, CP Yogeshwar and Angara S.

At least three of them – Umesh Katti, Arvind Limbavali and Murugesh Nirani – are seen as Yeddyurappa loyalists.

MTB Nagaraj and CP Yogeshwar are Congress defectors and R Shankar was an independent who was made a minister in the Congress-JDS coalition government just before the fall of last year.

The change in the cabinet, the third when Mr. Yeddyurappa took over the rebellion of 17 MLAs following the fall of the Congress-JDS government, came after the Chief Minister met Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi on Sunday.

Congress leader DK Shivakumar took a dig at the talk within the BJP and demanded an inquiry into the allegations of blackmail.

“The BJP is now the ‘blackmailers Janata Party’. BJP’s own MLA and leader is accusing CM Yeddyurappa of bribing and blackmailing her during the cabinet expansion. These statements of BJP leaders were investigated by HC (High Court) judges and Enforcement Directorate As should be done by enforcement agencies. (Enforcement Directorate) should file a case, ”Mr. Shivkumar tweeted.

The BJP’s Karnataka unit insisted that everything was fine despite the resentment. State Minister Suresh Kumar said, “Disappointment is natural. It can be real in cases. It has taken a long time … but there is no real problem for BJP.”


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