Indigo executives murdered land Nitish Kumar in Fresh Political Trouble

Indigo executives murdered land Nitish Kumar in Fresh Political Trouble

Bihar police said that the murder case was referred to a special investigation team (file).


The killing of an Indigo Airlines executive in Patna, Bihar has sparked a political backlash for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, with the opposition demanding his resignation and even criticized by his ally BJP leaders.

44-year-old Rupesh Kumar Singh, a manager of a private airline, was shot dead outside his home gate barely two km from the Chief Minister’s residence last evening. While he was waiting for the gate to open in his SUV, two bike riders opened fire on him.

Kovid was spotted at Patna airport a few hours before the vaccine arrived. Police believe the killers chased her from the airport, 3 km from her home.

The Bihar police said the murder case was referred to a special investigation team. Jitendra Kumar, a senior police officer from Patna, said, “He was from Chapra and we are seeing if there was any enmity.”

Mr. Singh was the father of two children under the age of 10, known to many politicians and bureaucrats.

Vivek Thakur, a BJP MP, called for a CBI inquiry describing the murder as ‘tragic and serious’. He said that the police should present the results in the next few days or hand over the case to the CBI.

Another BJP leader, Rajya Sabha member Gopal Narayan Singh, went several steps ahead, saying that Nitish Kumar had no control over law and order in the state. “The government of Bihar is running with our support (BJP), but we are aware of the situation. It is also necessary to speak on this for the improvement of Bihar. I think law and order in the state is bad and there are cases of corruption.” Shri Singh said that at present there is no control over the law and order of the state. Our government has no control over the present police system.

“Our expectations were that when Nitish Kumar became the Chief Minister for the fourth time, he would work strictly on the law and order situation and rise above politics and think for the people of Bihar. But laxity appears, it seems not to be the future; Looking bright, ”added the BJP MP.


The Bihar police reports to Nitish Kumar, who is also the home minister of the state.

Reports of a rift within the ruling coalition were already in the air, ever since the November Bihar elections in which the BJP won several more seats and joined the Chief Minister’s party.

Janata Dal United MP Sunil Kumar Pintu, the man of the chief minister’s party, said, “Our leader’s commitment to maintain law and order will not bear any fruit until the concerned officials pull their socks off.”

But his words did nothing to block the attacks.

In sharp tweets, opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav said that “power-protected criminals killed Rupesh Kumar Singh” and “criminals are running the government in Bihar”.

The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader told reporters, “The incident took place just two km from the Chief Minister’s residence, which proves that no one is safe. If Nitish Kumar is able to control the law and order If not, he should resign. “


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