Jio Fiber topped the Netflix ISP Speed ​​Index; BSNL, MTNL disappointment

Netflix rebuilt its ISP Speed ​​Index website after several months of inactivity, and it reflected the results of the previous six months, with Jio Fiber being the lead last month. Jio Fiber achieved an average speed of 3.8Mbps in December 2020, with suites from other Internet service providers (ISPs) such as 7 Star Digital, Airtel Extreme Fiber, ACT FiberNet and Tata Sky Broadband. Netflix has updated its ISP Speed ​​Index site with a new look. The company says that the index is calculated with a new performance measurement to make it compatible with the changing streaming and encoding landscape.

whereas Geo fiber Offered an average speed of 3.8Mbps in November and December Netflix ISP Speed ​​Index The siteThe second in-line 7 Star Digital offered 3.6Mbps average speed in December 2020 and 3.4Mbps average speed in November. Airtel Extreme Fiber, TAta sky broadband, And ACT Fibernet All offered an average speed of 3.6Mbps in November and December last year.

The new and improved Netflix ISP Speed ​​Index provides average speed data for the last six months from major ISPs in India. State run BSNL And MTNL Ranked last in the list for the month of December with 3Mbps and 2.4Mbps average speeds respectively. Data from Netflix shows that MTNL performed the absolute worst in September with an average speed of only 1.4Mbps.

To find out how the new performance measurement works, Netflix said, “ISP is designed to measure the speed index that ISPs provide the best prime-time Netflix streaming experience. Earlier, the way we measured ISP’s performance meant that two ISPs that per second ( Mbps) deliver similar megabits, yet may have different quality experiences depending on the device being used to view. The new performance measurement device (s) and encoding scheme (s) each They account for the difference in subscribers and they have a plan for each Netflix. We are essentially asking – if all things were the same (except cellular traffic), how would the ISP’s speed compare? “

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