PM undercuts Haryana’s associate Dushyant Chautala over farmers

Dushyant Chautala had earlier threatened to leave the Haryana government. (File)

new Delhi:

The ruling BJP’s Haryana partner Dushyant Chautala met Prime Minister Narendra Modi today among his allies on anti-farmer agitation. Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala also met Union Home Minister Amit Shah yesterday.

After the hour-long meeting, both Chief Minister ML Khattar and his deputy Shri Chautala said that there was no threat to the Haryana coalition government of BJP and JJP (Jananayak Janata Party).

“There is no threat to the Haryana government and it will complete its full five-year term,” Chautala was quoted as saying by the Press Trust of India.

Chief Minister Khattar said, “There is no speculation about the future of this government, it will complete its term.” He said that discussions with Amit Shah were mainly due to law and order and greater security was required for the 26 January Republic Day celebrations.

The BJP has been with its Haryana ally over protests revolving around three disputed laws, with farmers fearing that their guaranteed earnings in the form of a minimum support price will be reduced and the corporate will get a cost advantage. Thousands of farmers have been protesting on the highways outside Delhi for a month and they say they will not move until the law is withdrawn.


The Supreme Court set the law on hold yesterday and set up a committee of experts to talk to the protesting farmers.

Mr. Chautala had earlier threatened to leave the Haryana government if the farmers’ crisis was not resolved and was unable to ensure minimum support prices for the farmers.

The JJP of the Deputy Chief Minister receives more support from the farmers, and the party feels on the same side as the government on the laws will make too much dent on its vote-base and spend on coalitions.


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