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Sedition for “Government’s Vanity” Not Ok: Disha Ravi’s Decision

Sedition for Governments Vanity Not Ok: Disha Ravi's Decision

Disha Ravi arrested from Bengaluru on 13 February (File)

New Delhi:
22-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi, arrested from Bengaluru in a “toolkit” case earlier this month, has been granted bail. A Delhi court, while granting his bail, strongly commented in favor of freedom of speech and expression and the right to dissent in the country. The court said, “The offense of treason cannot be committed for the arrogant arrogance of governments.”

Here are the top five quotes:

  1. “The opposition to the bail petition appears to be more ornamental in nature … Looking at the lewd and sketchy evidence available on record, I find no convincing reason to break the general rule of ‘bail’ against a 22-year-old youth.” ” The woman, completely anti-criminal and with strong roots in society, sends her to prison. “

  2. “The applicant / accused did not resort to conjecture or conjecture, in the absence of any evidence to share a common motive for causing or sharing violence with the founders of PJF (Poetic Justice Foundation) on 26.01.2021 It may be taken that he supported separatist tendencies or violence on 26.01.2021, simply because he shared a forum with people who have gathered to oppose the law. In my notice linking the perpetrators of violence There is also no evidence brought. On 26.01.2021 with the said PJF or the applicant / accused. “

  3. The flaw in the “kit kitkit” suggests that any calling for any form of violence is consistently absent. In my view, citizens are the conscience of government in any democratic nation. They cannot be put behind bars simply because they choose. Disagree with state policies. “

  4. “Even our founding fathers respect the cause of deviation by recognizing freedom of speech and expression as an invisible fundamental right. The right to dissent is strongly implied under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution.”

  5. “In my view, freedom of speech and expression includes the right to seek a global audience. There are no geographical constraints on communication. Citizens have fundamental rights that use the best means to provide and receive communication, As long as the same. Is permissible under the four corners of the law and as such has access to audiences abroad “.



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