Twitter transfers India chief Manish Maheshwari, assigns him US-based role


New Delhi: Twitter has transferred India chief Manish Maheshwari, against whom an FIR was registered in Uttar Pradesh in connection with the investigation related to a video of an alleged hate crime.

While the company did not give a reason for the change, it said Maheshwari would move to the US as senior director (revenue strategy and operations) and focus on new markets in his new role.

Twitter Vice President Japan and Asia Pacific Yu Sasamoto shared the development in a tweet.

“Thank you @manishm for your leadership of our Indian business over the past 2+ years. Congratulations on your new role in the US, in charge of revenue strategy and operations for new markets around the world. Thank you for leading this important growth opportunity. Excited for Twitter,” he said.

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When contacted, Twitter confirmed the development and said that Maheshwari is “moving into a new role based in San Francisco as Senior Director of Revenue Strategy and Operations focused on New Market Entry”.

The company did not disclose details about the succession plan after Maheshwari moved to the US.

Prior to joining Twitter, Maheshwari was the CEO of Network18 Digital.

He has also worked with other organizations including Flipkart and P&G.

Twitter has been facing criticism over the past several months for various actions taken on tweets and accounts of high-profile users, as well as for delays in compliance with IT regulations that came into force in May this year.

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An FIR was registered against Maheshwari and some others in June in connection with the investigation related to a video of an alleged hate crime that went viral on social media.

The US-based microblogging platform – which has an estimated 1.75 million users in India – has sparked controversy over new social media rules, and the Indian government, despite repeated reminders, over willful disobedience and failure to comply with IT rules. Twitter faced.

On August 10, the Center had told the Delhi High Court that Twitter was “prima facie” in compliance with the new IT rules by appointing a Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Resident Grievance Officer (RGO) and nodal contact person on a permanent basis.

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