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UEFA drops disciplinary case against Super League rebels

UEFA has been forced to abandon its attempt to ban Super League clubs Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Real Madrid from the Champions League due to court action over the governing body’s attempt to punish the rebellion.

A Spanish court injunction in June allowed UEFA to initially stop disciplinary cases against clubs that refused to abandon the project that collapsed in April.

UEFA officials asked a Madrid judge fresh last week to comply with the club’s decision not to sanction, leading to the disciplinary case being officially closed on Monday night.

“In the matter relating to a possible breach of UEFA’s legal framework with respect to the so-called Super League,” the governing body said in a statement, “the UEFA Appeals Body has declared today’s proceedings null and void, as if the proceedings were never opened.” had gone.”

The UEFA affair was initiated in April by 12 clubs following a spectacular start to the Super League. UEFA-run plans to break away from the current Champions League collapsed within 48 hours when English clubs Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester clubs United and City pulled out amid backlash from their own fans and the government.

AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atlético Madrid, the three other founding members of the Super League, also withdrew quickly.

The nine clubs agreed a settlement agreement with UEFA would see them forfeit 5 percent of their prize money from a season in European competition and a joint payment of 15 million euros (USD 18.3 million) as a “sign of goodwill”. Will do as well. Benefit children, youth and grassroots football.

Cash will no longer be given.

“UEFA has informed the nine clubs that in view of the pending court proceedings in Madrid, and to avoid any unnecessary complications,” the organization said,

“UEFA will not request the payment of any amounts given in the clubs’ May announcements until court proceedings in Madrid, among others, are pending UEFA.”

Last week a Spanish judge gave UEFA five days to confirm that it would abide by the court’s decision and would not penalize teams for joining the Super League. His case was also notified by a Madrid judge to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The deadline for submission in court is next month.

UEFA could later open a new disciplinary case against Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Juventus if it wins the European case.

UEFA said it would “continue to take all necessary steps in accordance with national and EU law to protect the interests of UEFA and all football stakeholders.”

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