UK minister Priti Patel wants specific legislation to tackle public harassment of women: report


LONDON: Britain’s Home Secretary Priti Patel is said to be keen to introduce a specific law against public sexual harassment of women and girls in the wake of a series of recent attacks on the streets of London, as Britain’s on Sunday said. According to a media report. .

According to the ‘Observer’, UK Home Office officials are deemed to undertake a legal review of making public sexual harassment – which includes all behavior that could make women uncomfortable in all public places – a crime in itself.

Patel is reportedly concerned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is blocked for the idea of ​​launching such a specific new crime, as he is not convinced of the seriousness of the public outrage and believes there is a way to tackle the issue”. Abundant” is the current law.

The Observer newspaper quoted sources as saying that the issue had caused some tension between the UK prime minister and his Indian-origin cabinet minister, who held a public consultation on the issue of tackling violence against women and girls. And want to be strong. Action against daily harassment on the streets.

An unnamed source told the newspaper, “Make no mistake, Boris Johnson is the man to stop and stop it. He seems to have stuck in the past over this issue.” A senior Home Office source, also requesting anonymity, said:

“Trying to blow the wolf whistle is very difficult. But we are going to do it. People are ready to put their political capital behind it, and the Home Secretary [Patel] He is one of the people behind this.”

The issue of crimes against women has come under intense scrutiny since the abduction, rape and murder of 33-year-old Sarah Everard, at the service of Metropolitan Police Officer Wayne Couzens.

Everard was attacked earlier this year on his way home from a friend’s house in London.

Last month, Couzens was sentenced to life without parole for the crime and it emerged in court that a case of previous indecent exposure had come against him.

Obscene exposure was made a sex offense in the UK nearly 20 years ago, but such incidents are often not taken seriously, even when reported to the police.

In July Priti Patel published Strategy for Dealing with Violence Against Women and Girls, which said her department could “find where there might be loopholes in existing legislation and how a specific offense for public sexual assault can address them”. But watching carefully.

Influential proponents of criminalizing public harassment include former UK Security Secretary and now Justice Secretary Victoria Atkins, and Caroline Knox, chair of the Women and Equality Committee.

The UK Home Office said: ??Our recently published strategy for tackling violence against women and girls suggests that there are many crimes that already capture street harassment.

“We are committed to ensuring that these laws work in practice. That is why, through new funding to tackle violence against women and girls, we will deepen our understanding of who perpetrates these crimes, Why do they do this, and how can this behavior increase.”

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