UNICEF to provide 160 million syringes to India for vaccination against COVID-19


New Delhi: UNICEF India has signed a USD 15 million agreement with COVID-19 relief initiative Crypto Relief to buy an estimated 160 million syringes to support India in its vaccination campaign, according to a statement.

Under the agreement, UNICEF India will procure Reuse Prevention (RUP) syringes from manufacturers across the world through a global tendering process.

To maintain quality, only WHO pre-qualified manufacturers will be asked to participate in the tender.

Based on the global tender results, UNICEF will place orders to qualified bidders worldwide.

The delivery of the syringes is expected between September 2021 and January 2022, the UN body said in a statement.

“India’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign aims to vaccinate over 994 million people over the age of 18, the largest in the world. Multiple syringes are required, said Dr. Yasmin Haque, representative of UNICEF India.

“We are bringing UNICEF’s expertise in procuring and distributing syringes to support India for rapid immunization. From preventing pandemics to ensuring the safety of children in education, health, access to routine immunization and nutrition services, Simultaneous bottlenecks will also help prevent safety concerns,” he added.

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