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WATCH: Dad Caught Daughter Stealing Cookie Jar, Her Reaction Is Too Sweet To Miss

A father-daughter relationship is special and unique, and we have seen evidence of it many times. Earlier this year, we saw how a father used to make his daughter drink alcohol from the window when she was in quarantine. Internet users were praising this cute gesture of his. Another doting father’s video recently went viral when he caught his baby girl Dylan stealing food and snacks from him. And now, the same sweet girl is there again! In a recent video shared on Instagram, she is seen stealing a cookie jar and her expressions are adorable. Have a look:

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Shared on Instagram by @upworthy, the video was originally created by @snackbandits_dad. It got over 714k views and 49k likes. In the short clip, we see little girl Dylan hides behind a drawer cabinet with a cookie jar. As soon as her father sees her, she immediately starts smiling and lets out a sweet laugh. She bites into a cookie and smiles again, to which her father says, “You’re so upset!” Then she opens the cookie jar and holds her hand to get more, when she says, “You don’t need that many cookies!”

Internet users Couldn’t pay attention to the cute video. Some reported that he stole not only the cookies, but the entire jar! The baby foodie got many fans online. One user wrote, “All he can have is cookies as far as I’m concerned,” while another commented, “That’s the cutest little snack bandit!”

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