Watch: Mumbai airport this morning = chaos, missed flights

Mumbai Airport Chaos: Many pictures were shared on social media.


A chaotic scene unfolded at the Mumbai airport this morning amid huge crowds as passengers blamed poor crowd management for missing flights as they were stuck in long queues. Domestic carrier IndiGo advised passengers to “report early to allow adequate time for security checks”.

Mumbai airport sources said, “There has been an increase in passengers due to the festive season. The airport has deployed extra security as we cannot be generous with our security. There has been a rush due to security checks. We will soon be ready.” Will issue a statement only.” NB.

Unhappy passengers took out on social media. “The T2 at CSMIA (Mumbai airport) is in a shambles. It really feels like we are in the dark ages. Endless milling crowds, machines breaking down, anger erupting, chaos everywhere. Staff doing their best But absolutely unable to cope. Who plays this full shitshow? Please tag them. (sic),” tweeted Bollywood composer Vishal Dadlani.

Along with a picture, Prakash Gagdani, CEO of fintech firm said, “Mumbai airport is a mess. It takes at least 1 hour to enter and check-in and then this rush for security check. Can board a flight that reaches even 2 1/2 hours before a domestic flight. This is the de facto commercial capital of the country. (sic)”.

In a tweet, IndiGo said: “#6ETravelAdvisory: Huge rush at #Mumbai & #Chennai airports. Passengers are advised to report early to allow adequate time for security checks.”

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