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Watch: Woman trashes McDonald’s outlet because her “coffee was too long”

We have all heard – or seen – about disgruntled customers and their unreasonable demands. But with the advent of social media, incidents of erratic behavior by customers are often caught on camera and shared for the world to see. One such display of entitlement was recently recorded at a McDonald’s outlet in Arkansas, USA. It all started when a woman got impatient while waiting for her coffee at the restaurant. When told it would take five minutes according to the timer, he responded by dropping the food tray and table number on the floor.

When threatened to complain to the police, the customer said she had diabetes and that low blood sugar made her behave that way. The entire incident was captured on camera by a fellow customer, who shared it on social media.

According to newsweek, the clip was shared on TikTok by the handle “till.bad.decisions” and has garnered over 1.1 million views.

The clip was also shared on YouTube by ViralHog, giving a detailed account of what happened at the restaurant, according to the customer who recorded the video.

The customer who recorded the video was quoted as saying, ‘While standing in line at my local McDonald’s, the woman in the video started asking if it took five minutes to make coffee. The employee replied, ‘Yeah, it really does, it has a timer on it.’ The next thing he said was that everyone should stop standing to talk and do a little work and be a little more professional. “

Describing what happened next, the description said, “She then proceeded to push the tray on the floor at a slow speed. Then knocked on table numbers. The manager said there was a non-emergency police number she could call and asked for her license plate number… she went back and said ‘Why because I have diabetes and my sugar is low?'”

In fact, the manager had called the non-emergency line. Angry customers roamed around while others at the restaurant helped the staff clean up the mess. This angered her even more. “At that point she said, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ To which I replied ‘I don’t think he is a funny kid.’ Before she went back to the table, she came back with ‘All they had to do was shut up and do the work,'” the description added.

At no point, the video showed the woman attempting to clean up the mess she had created.

The woman left before the police arrived. “I showed the video to the police,” said the customer who recorded the incident.

react to clip youtubeThe spectators seemed shocked by the woman’s behaviour. One user sarcastically wrote, “What a powerful man: Bullying clerks at a fast-food restaurant. Impressive.”

One user Tanbir said, “She must have been a terrible bully in school.”

Pointing out a hole in the woman’s “low blood sugar” story, one user, LaDena Young, said, “Coffee is not what people order to bring their blood sugar up. They used to drink some kind of juice. Or used to take a cookie or something. SMH.”

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