WhatsApp is still down; Now Telegram is facing problems as people flood the alternative messaging app

It’s been over two hours and Facebook services including WhatsApp and Instagram are still down, with people flooding Twitter in panic.

Of all the apps unavailable due to the massive global outage, WhatsApp is used the most for regular chats and interactions with your loved ones.

With WhatsApp unavailable for hours, thousands of people are looking to alternative messaging options to keep up with their peers and continue their work, which has been hampered by a problem with Facebook’s services.

Many such WhatsApp users have reached out to the alternative messaging platform Telegram Messenger. As a result, Telegram has said that it is facing problems due to the influx of new users to the app.

Responding to a Twitter user, Telegram Messenger said, “With all new people signing up, things are a little slow – it’s good to have them, but a little too much at once. Sorry!”

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