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WhatsApp may soon show voice messages on your home screen

WhatsApp has been found to be upgrading the existing voice message function on its platform with a global voice message player that will allow you to listen to voice messages while viewing recent chats. The update is currently in development for beta testers. Separately, WhatsApp has started rolling out an updated Disappearing Messages feature, which allows users to choose between short-term periods of 24 hours, seven days and 90 days. The change is currently reaching beta testers on iOS.

according to a report good by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Updated Global is testing a voice message player so users can listen to the voice messages they receive in a chat, even if you leave that chat. This means that your voice messages will sit on the app’s home screen, pinned at the top to allow you to hear a longer voice message while viewing your recent chats.

The Global Voice Messages feature is said to be always visible – even when you step off the chat screen and look at another section of the app. This can help if you want to pause a voice message or dismiss one.

WhatsApp is ready to test a global voice message player on iOS
photo credit: WABetaInfo

WABetaInfo reports that the update was recently spotted while being developed whatsapp for ios beta release. However, it is yet to be made available to beta testers. WhatsApp is also expected to bring a global voice message player Android – With iOS – Over time.

In recent times, WhatsApp has been improving voice message support on its platform by bringing playback speed toggle And persistent voice messages. It is also reportedly testing features which include copy And a explore options To further the experiences with voice messages.

In addition to the global voice message player, WABetaInfo reports That WhatsApp is currently testing the updated Disappearing Messages feature that will let you choose a short-term period between 24 hours, 90 days, and the current seven days. The Facebook-owned app last year introduced the feature with an option to make a particular message disappear automatically after seven days, though some recent beta releases indicated a new period in the works.

WhatsApp is said to have a default message timer option available under the app’s privacy settings. It appears to allow users to select a specific short-term period that will apply to all new messages.

whatsapp disappearing messages update image screenshot wabetainfo for whatsapp android whatsapp

WhatsApp is testing new momentary duration options for its Disappearing Messages feature
photo credit: WABetaInfo

Initially, WhatsApp is said to be testing an updated Disappearing Messages feature with some beta testers using the latest WhatsApp. whatsapp business Apps for iOS. It may soon reach beta testing users on Android as well.

Details about the general availability of the updated Disappearing Messages feature are yet to be announced.

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