WhatsApp Pay Cashback Offer: Get 5 times up to Rs 51 on paying just Re 1

New Delhi: This Diwali, WhatsApp is going Santa with this cashback offer on WhatsApp Pay. WhatsApp Pay is being promoted by the popular chat messenger by offering a discount of Rs 51 on every transaction. There is also no limit on how much money you can pay to someone using its service. As a result, you can pay Re 1 to your friend and get Rs 51 in return. This is an easy way to earn money.

In beta channel mode, promotional offer is available. Since this WhatsApp promotion is available for the first five transactions, users can get up to Rs 255. You can get guaranteed INR 51 per transaction for each of the five transactions. The money will be instantly credited to your bank account, which you have linked to the WhatsApp Pay service. At the moment, the hype appears to be limited to Android smartphones only.

whatsapp pay cashback offer

Since the launch of the service in India, this appears to be an aggressive push for WhatsApp Pay. WhatsApp Pay has been around for a while but has been unable to gain traction. WhatsApp is leading Google Pay in attracting new users to its network.

Google Pay relied on the idea of ​​offering cashback a few years back as a way to attract more customers to its service. On every transaction, Google Pay rewarded customers with scratch cards, some of which paid cashback, while others offered coupons and other benefits. Similar cashback offers have also been made by PhonePe to attract more people to its platform.

WhatsApp Pay: How to set up

– Click on the “Re” icon in the text area on any WhatsApp chat.

– You will receive a notification from WhatsApp on which you need to click to add a payment method.

– Select a bank from the list.

– You should also double check whether your WhatsApp number matches with your bank’s registered mobile phone.

If you continue, an SMS will be sent to your phone number to verify your identity.

– If you already have a UPI PIN, all you need to do is enter it to activate your service. If you are using UPI for the first time, you will need to create a new PIN.

By Naveen Bharat Staff



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