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‘Will return to education’: KV Subramaniam quits as Chief Economic Advisor

Chief Economic Adviser KV Subramaniam on Friday said he has decided to return to academia after completing his three-year stint in the finance ministry.

Announcing his decision to step down, he tweeted: “I have decided to return to academia after completing my 3 year term. It has been an absolute privilege to serve the nation And I have amazing support and encouragement.”

The government had appointed Professor Subramaniam, ISB Hyderabad, as the CEA in December 2018. He had replaced Arvind Subramaniam.

Subramaniam in a statement thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman For his support and inspiring leadership.

“I have decided to return to the academic field after the completion of my three-year term,” he said.

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