Woman angrily trashes McDonald’s outlet because her ‘order took too long’ — watch

Bad behavior of customers in eateries is not a new phenomenon, there is a name for women who behave like this in public places on the internet, they identify such people as ‘Karen’. In a viral video, a woman was filmed trashing a McDonald’s restaurant because her order was taking too long to complete.

The incident happened in Arkansas and the woman was caught on camera knocking on the tray and causing a huge ruckus. When confronted for his actions, he blamed his actions on his diabetes and claimed that he had “low blood sugar”. Read also | Lions seen coming out of washroom during safari, netizens appreciate its ‘cleanliness’ – watch

The video was uploaded to Twitter by CrazyCarense with the caption: “Karen trashes McDonald’s because her coffee was too long”.

Watch the video here:

According to a report in NewsWeek, the incident was recorded by TikToker CJ from his handle @still.bad.decisions. The woman told McDonald’s employees to “be more professional” before closing the tray. CJ added some context to the clip and wrote with an on-screen caption: “Slow motion Karen, her diabetes ne kar di… Coffee took too long”.

The video has garnered over 19K views, with users scoffing at his excuse. “Coffee doesn’t contain sugar, so her argument is invalid. If she was about to put sugar in it, she could have eaten a sugar packet. Plus, her medical emergency isn’t a McDonald’s problem. I hope she told the police.” Called it,” wrote one user.

Another user suggested that the customer likely found an ‘extra ingredient’ in her coffee to account for her atrocious behavior, “I wonder if she enjoyed the added ingredients in her coffee today,” she wrote.

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