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Woman screaming after bloody snake in heart-wrenching video

A Texas woman has shared that a snake jumped on her as she stepped out of her house, causing her to “nearly die” of fear. Fourth, Lecompte was walking out to sit on her front porch when a snake jumped on her from some bushes, surveillance footage shows. Ms Lecompte, a photographer, was filmed screaming at the top of her voice and running back inside.

The incident happened on Sunday at Ms Lecompte’s Burleson home.

“I was walking outside to sit with my mom on the front porch as she was leaving,” she explained. “To my surprise a snake was waiting for me hiding in the bushes.

“He jumped on me and I died near,” said Ms. Lecompte.

Video captured by Ring security cameras shows Ms Lecompte leaving her home, phone in hand. He had not taken more than a step or two, however, when the snake slid through some bushes and landed at his feet. The panicked photographer was heard screaming as she rushed back into the house. Meanwhile, the snake retreated into the vegetation.

Ms LeCompte shared the video on her Facebook page, where people dubbed it “awful”.

“I would have died!” A Facebook user wrote. “Oh no!! It looked like it came right on you. Glad you’re fine,” said another.

There were also many of them who found the video funny and dropped laughing face emojis in the comments section. “And I’m still laughing. I’m so sorry,” confessed one Facebook user, while another added, “We may laugh now but that’s what I would have done.”

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