Won’t accept complete ban: Manoj Tiwari asks Delhi CM to allow Chhath puja with COVID-19 protocol

New Delhi: BJP MP Manoj Tiwari on Saturday (October 9) urged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to allow devotees to celebrate Chhath Puja following the COVID-19 protocol and said he would not accept the complete ban.

Tiwari interacted with the people of Purvanchali community in this matter. Chhath Puja During his ‘Chhath Yatra’ at Yamuna Ghat in Delhi’s Sonia Vihar area.

“I urge CM Kejriwal to drop his stubbornness and allow devotees to celebrate Chhath Puja by following COVID-19 protocols. We are ready to follow every protocol, be it social distancing, masks Be it sanitation or vaccination. We are not going to accept a complete ban,” the Member of Parliament told reporters here.

“Through DDMA Kejriwal has issued this Tughlaqi decree, we want to convey the wishes of the people to the government, if Kejriwal thinks this is my wish, then I am sorry for it. This is not my wish, it is the wish of these people, they have tears in their eyes. No one can stop us from worshiping while following the COVID protocol.”

The BJP MP asked Kejriwal why swimming pools were opened if there was any danger of spreading Kovid through water. He said, in Chhath Puja one does not have to take a bath with water, only stands. Tiwari said that his Chhath Yatra will continue till it reaches every nook and corner of the national capital.

Tiwari began the Chhath Yatra from Friday to interact with people from the Purvanchali community living in the national capital and seek their opinion on holding Chhath Puja celebrations in public places.

According to DDMA, Durga Puja and Ramlila can be organized in Delhi this year with certain conditions, but the public program of Chhath Puja has been banned. “Nowhere in Delhi can Chhath Puja be held in public on the banks of a river or pond or in parks,” the DDMA said.

By Naveen Bharat Staff


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