‘Y-Break’: Five-minute yoga in ministry and government offices to de-stress employees

By Naveen Bharat Editorial

New Delhi: The Center has asked ministries and government departments to promote five-minute yoga at workplaces to refresh and de-stress employees.

This will be called ‘Y-brake’.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) said that this will help in increasing efficiency and productivity at work sites.

Earlier, the Ministry of AYUSH had launched a ‘Y-Break’ mobile application comprising of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation.

As per the DoPT order, it was designed and developed for workplace by an expert committee in 2019 and the module will be launched in January, 2020 on a pilot project basis in six major metro cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and it was done. Kolkata – and the response was found encouraging.

Subsequently, the Ministry of AYUSH developed an Android-based application and made it available for use by the public on Google Play Store recently, the DoPT order said.

“Requesting all Ministries/Departments of the Government of India to promote the use of Wi-Break Protocol, to spread awareness about the use and use of Wi-Break Protocol/App amongst the workforce for all sectors (Public/Private) is done. Employees,” the DoPT order said.

The DoPT has also asked government departments to issue necessary guidelines for all employees, including subordinate offices, to promote the use of Y-brakes.

Yoga protocols in the Y-Break application include simple yoga exercises such as Tadasana, Urdhva-Hastottanasana, Skandha Chakra, Uttanandakasana, Kati Chakrasana, Ardhachakrasana, Prasar Padottanasana, Deep Breathing, Nadishodhana Pranayama and Bhramari Pranayama.

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